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Cause we need more crack in our lives

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I love Japanese variety shows, even if I don't understand a word of Japanese. They are crack, they make you laugh and sometimes even lets you learn something! wooh! So here's a community for the rest of us unfortunate ones that live outside Japan and our TVs don't show us this goodness. Enjoy!
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j_varietytv RULES
1. Upload or request Japanese Variety Shows. May be talk shows, game shows, random shows. This community isn't really for music shows but if you want to upload that, we won't stop you^^...but don't request!

2. This is an open community so no locked posts unless there's a valid reason

3. It's okie to be random but let's all be nice

4. Use your common sense when posting! Failure to do so will result in deleted posts

5. STuff uploaded and still has valid links are in Memories...check it out before reqesting

Current layout done by the super talented chibiseraph

EDIT~ Most YSI Posts will be locked...so join the comm yo~~!

My two obsessions are L'arc en ciel and Arashi so if you post anything related to these two you get a cookie!

SISTERS UNITE! Can't get enough of Johnnys? Visit our sister lj je_express

and no no...this is not an ARASHI comm...don't be deceived by the happy mago banners/arashi layout/the truckload of arashi files here...but arashi_on and a_ra_shi are. m(_ _)m

Like me as a MOD? Join my other comm jun_daily

Want Korean Variety Shows?? Never fear there's k_variety
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What is a logo file?
Some fangirls put logos on their media files. This is to ensure that their files don't get distributed outside their own distributing channel...if they see their own logo files being distributed elsewhere, they throw a hissy fit, and may stop sharing their files, making everyone else prissy....

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