Request: Kagai Jugyou Youkoso Sempai - Jibun o Ikiru (Feb. 1st)

On February 1st, NHK will have a show where calligrapher Kakinuma Koji visits his old school and teaches the current students there. They happen to be my students, and I would love to have a copy of the program. Would anyone who has the ability to record from a TV to a computer be willing to record and upload it for me? I'm not sure what I can offer in return other than my undying gratitude. It will air 2009/02/01 from 1:05 to 1:34. Thank you.

Looking for this...

Hi, i'm zukko..
I just find this com...
Em... I wanna ask something,
Do anyone know where i can download j-vshow 'waratte wa ikenai'?
I watched one before and i wanna more...
Help please...
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[REQUEST] Zubari Iu Wa Yo

Hi! ^_^ I'm new of this community!
I'm looking for all Zubari Iu Wa Yo episodes!
I've just some episode and some clip but I'd really like to have all the show episodes! >__<
I hope someone can help me!
Thank you!!! ^_^

HEY!x3 Music Champ - 10 March 2008

Guest artist:Matsuda Seiko, Amuro Namie, aiko, Nakagawa Shoko

My friend uploaded this clip for me, so I think I might as well share this everyone. I totally love the combination of these 4 cute ladies:D You can hear random screams from shoko in the backgroundXDDD And Namie is as cute as ever^^~ Please click image for a bigger preview. X-posted at other community:D

Credit goes to hikkichan of D-Addicts^^ LINK

Shounen Club 09/03/06

Hi everyone, I am looking for an episode of Shounen Club and I hope someone can help me(><)// I can't find it anywhere (;__;)
I am looking for the episode where the theme is "Promise" and the producer was B.A.D. BOYS and I think the airing day was either Sept.3 or 12 2006.

Thank you!!!!
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Tokyo Friend Park II 2008.01.21 - Sasaki Fusai no Jingi Naki Tatakai

And now I've uploaded the recent Tokyo Friend Park II episode where Koide Keisuke, Inagaki Goro and Sakai Wakana appeared on to promote their new drama, Sasaki Fusai no Jingi Naki Tatakai

IMO, this was a really good episode of TFPII because everybody was treating Goro so well for his SMAP-ness, and the kizuna between the three was quite nice. My love for Koide Keisuke has definitely increased after watching this. He's so incredibly adorable. *O*

Features: Koide Keisuke knows his American basketball, Inagaki Goro knows his baseball and Sakai Wakana knows her Sex and the City. ;) Enjoy!

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[subbed] Janizu Junior - Shamisen Boogie (live at MS)

I romanized and timed the clip myself. It's back from the Golden Era when Takki was the Leader of the chibi Janizu. The quality pretty much sucks but thinking about how old the recording must be... *caps on my LJ*

I could make out Takki, MatsuJun, Aibachan, Nino, Tsubasa, Machida Shingo, Yuki Kohara, Toma (and I think Pi and Koki) :D and many more kiddies jumping up and down in shiny costumes.


---> Shamisen Boogie

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[Request] Sarudie Autumn Special 2006.10.11

Does anyone have the full show of Sarudie Autumn 2006 Special with Arashi as one of the guest? I saw Sarudie with some Kanjani8 members and that show is hillarious. I just found out that Arashi was also there on 2006.10.11. But it's last year's show so I don't know if I can still get a hold of that one.

Thank you!!
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